sQuid Dinner Money, coming to a school near you soon

From September 16 we will be introducing a new innovative way to pay for your child’s school dinner, which will mean you will no longer have to worry about purchasing dinner tickets or even worse your child loosing them.

We will be rolling out the system between September 16 & April 17, so please look out for when your school is due to commence

The online sQuid dinner money application will enable you to pay for your child’s meals online and even in some cases pre-select your child’s meal. Don’t worry you will receive all the information from your school in shortly on how to create an account.

A list of schools on the initial roll out are below, with exact dates to follow, please bear this in mind when purchasing dinner tickets in the interim.

School Commencement date
St Mary’s Catholic School September 16
Brady’s Primary School October 16
Engayne Primary School October 16
Gidea Park Primary School October 16
Hilldene Primary School October 16
Langtons Infant School October 16
Langtons Junios Academy School October 16
HCS Admin, 27 Jul 2017
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