HES Catering is committed to operating in an ethical manner at all times.

Safeguarding the environment and minimising our impact on it. We operate to standards that comply with all applicable environmental legislation and approved codes of practice. We have systems and processes that ensure that as an organisation we have the minimum negative effect on the local and wider environment.

Reducing Deliveries and Food Miles

At the beginning of 2017, HES Catering moved to a multi temp single drop delivery service for our chilled, frozen and grocery products. This has led to a minimum reduction of two vehicles on the road per day and saving of over 200,000 food miles. Our supplier who operates the service also provides cardboard recycling service which has reduced the amount of waste going to landfill.

Reducing Packaging

Our multi-temp supplier who operates the service provides cardboard recycling service which has reduced the amount of waste going to landfill, this is open not only to produce supplied to us by the supplier, but also to any cardboard that our clients produce.

Ethical Sourcing

We ensure all our fish produce are MSC which means it is sustainable and use no “red flag” fish stock in our meals. The majority of our meats are Red Tractor approved and, where possible, we use locally sourced seasonable fruit and vegetables


This policy is communicated to all of our units and we work closely with our suppliers and expect them to work to similar standards and aspirations. The use of sustainable products and the minimising of food miles are at the core of our policy, HES Catering has in place an Environmental Management System that is ISO14001 2015 accredited ensuring we monitor, control and improve our impact to the environment and outline our commitment to reducing food and all other waste by 20% each year.