Case Studies


Harrow Lodge Primary School

Our challenge

The school decided that all pupils having packed lunches from home adopted the school philosophy of healthy eating. A Ban was put on Chocolate products, Sugary Drinks, Crisps etc. We were involved in assisting the school to ensure our Menu cycle complied with this, following parent criticism of our use of sausages, Pizza, Burgers, and Chips

What we did

Working in partnership with the school, we reviewed our offer, and reviewed the Dessert offer, reducing the amount of cakes, puddings and introducing more Fresh Fruit, Jellies, and Yoghurts. Parents were convinced that items were unhealthy; we took action to ensure full details were given to all Parents. This was done by use of all recipes being posted on the School website showing the “hidden ingredients” in our pizza bases and sauces, The use of organic semi skimmed milk. Organic Beef and Pork, in burgers/sausages and dishes were baked, not fried. Removal of fried potatoes (once a week) and use of oven baked.

A workshop was held for all infant classes, showing them the benefits of 5 a day, and eating healthily to be able to perform to their best at school. We also ran a “Ready Steady Cook” event for the junior years; This was interactive with 2 Head Chefs (Teacher Volunteers) and a team of 4 commis Chefs (pupils). Menus were designed and cooked and a team of volunteers were then tasked to choose the best dish.

The children were taught about the importance of healthy eating and best cooking methods along the way.

The outcome

Pupils, parents and school staff are happy with the changes. Meal numbers have increased by 25% over the last 4 months. Service times have been constant, despite increased numbers.


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