LACA SCOTY 2017 Results

As promised – a quick update on the LACA SCOTY event…

The event was held on Tuesday 10th January, at Nestle HQ in Gatwick. Michelle our entrant was in the afternoons cook off, after an hours journey Terry and Michelle arrived early to enable them to settle into the day and get a feel for the competition. Meeting her fellow competitors, put Michelle at ease as they were all in it together- creating a friendly atmosphere.

The competition kitchen was restricted to Entrants and Judges only, however it was like a goldfish bowl with viewing windows for supporters to watch over the competition at all times. Michelle eased into the competition quickly and was focused on her dish/ the task ahead, despite the many distraction of the photographer. She completed the dish in the allocated time of 90minutes and presented to the judges with a smile on her face!

Below are the pictures of the final dishes submitted to the Judges.

After the judge’s deliberations, the prize/award ceremony was held. Although Michelle wasn’t successful in going forward to the national finals, she demonstrated great skill and professionalism and made HCS very proud. Michelle received positive feedback from the Judges and praise from other Competitors for her dish as well as further points she can take with her in regards to any future competitions.

Michelle thoroughly enjoyed the day and is excited and planning for next year’s competition. Bring it on…

Well done Michelle, we are all very proud 🙂


HCS Admin, 18 Jan 2017

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