HCS brings Healthy Eating to Pyrgo Priory’s Science Week

As part of Pyrgo Priory’s School Science Week, HCS were invited into the school to talk to the children about Healthy Eating. A number of workshops were held over the course of two days, to pupils from Years 2-6. We discussed their understanding on what healthy eating means to them and helped explained the benefits and overview on different nutrients and where they may find them in different foods as well as how these nutrients can promote different health benefits.

A healthy snack was prepared with the pupil, followed by a tasting session. This showed how healthy eating can be incorporated into their daily diet rather than snacking on confectionery  We then discussed how to incorporate 5 a Day into their diets; fresh fruit was selected to make a healthy nutritious Smoothie for the pupil to try. This involved the pupils being able to make their own, by cycling on the Smoothie bike. All pupils received a healthy eating booklet, given them an overview and guidance on nutrition and recipes demonstrated on the day.

HCS Admin, 29 Jun 2016

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