Change 4 Life


You will have seen the latest campaign from the NHS on Change 4 Life and I wanted to draw you attention to the excellent Sugar Smart Application.

The app can be downloaded onto your smartphone device and it can be of great use whilst you are doing the weekly shop, to help you make healthier choices for your families diets.

The app works by scanning the barcodes of well known food and drinks products and tells you what its sugar content.

Below are the recommended maximum daily sugar uptake amounts, that should be used as a guide only

 AGE  Recommended maximum added sugar intake Sugar cubes
 4-6yrs  No more than 19g per day  5 cubes
 7-10yrs  No more than 24g per day  6 cubes
 11rs +  No more than 30g per day  7 cubes


HCS Admin, 25 Jan 2016

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